Custom Tile Uses
Whitewater Ceramics designs custom ceramic art tiles that can be used residentially or commercially.
Decorative hand made ceramic tiles have unlimited uses and tiles may be altered to fit special places.
Custom tiles are ever exactly alike which makes every design unique.

Tiles for home and office
Tiled business signs - Address plaques
Fireplace hearth -Staircase risers
Borders - Shelves - Trim
Side tables - Thresholds
Drawer pulls -Clocks - Coasters
Countertops -Trivets - Sinks
Stools and chairs -Backsplashes
Serving trays
Shower Benches - Soap Niches
Walls - Floors -Spas
Hot Tubs - Mirrors
Individual Tiles
Sculptural Tiles
Garden Plaques
Window Boxes
Greenhouses - Patio Tables
Birdbaths - Picuture Frames

Printing Block
Designs and Uses

I use hand carved wooden printing blocks from India to print on clay and fabric

Hanging of tiles:
Hand stamped or relief carved ceramic tiles can be permanently installed
along with matching field tile as a decorative border, feature or accent
turning your backsplash, fireplace, shower etc into a unique,
functional art piece.
Carved tiles may also have holes or hangers added, visible or not,
so they easily hang on their own. Tiles and mosaics can be attached to a board so they will hang instead of mounting them directly.
Tile design:
Designed and made exclusively for you, custom tile mosaics
totally customize your spaces. The combination of commercial
and handmade ceramic tiles may also be installed and makes for a stunning image anywhere you imagine.
Custom tiles are available in virtually any color theme.
Using a different size and shade of accent tile within an installation will yield a dramatic and interesting effect.

mosaic tile installations
figurative and mixed media sculpture
pit firing
dinosaur mosaics
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