Pit Firing

Pit firing is an ecologically sensitive way to reclaim some of my kitchen scraps, which get a second chance at life to create a "glaze" on my artwork. The result is an abstract, multi-layered design created by carbon getting trapped in the piece. My artwork seems to be softened by the fire, and yet still vibrant with it's flame tipped
patinas. This process lends intrigue to the earthy, marbleized finishes and the variations in the resulting patinas make each piece unique.

the process....

starting with a collection of 
recycled kitchen scraps...

wrapping individual works of art
in newspaper with different 
recycled materials...

placing the wrapped bundle 
on a bed of coals....

the newpaper and organic materials 
burn off...

leaving me with a new outlook 
on my artwork..

examining a newly 
pit fired bowl...

 the results....

a blue tea cup gets a new 
outlook on life...

and an orange tea cup 
does too...

a large slab of clay formed 
over a pumpkin, with flame
tipped edges

a spiraling hand pinched 
bowl, pit fired with 
pistachio shells

3 pit fired tiles with 
waves of glaze

3 pit fired tiles with 
melted glass

a pit fired trivet, 
with water like images

pit fired locust tile 


mosaic tile
figurative and mixed
media sculpture

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