Grand Canyon Reflections
Recyled artwork is my way of helping and cleaning up Mother Nature. Dinosaur Mosaics are easy on the environment, as virtually no new materials are used in the creation of my ecologically sensitive artwork. They assembled with recycled or found materials that get a new lease on life as a result.
In my case, anything "broken" finds new life in these sculptures.

Grand Canyon Reflections
17 x 12 x 4"

  Grand Canyon Reflections is reminiscent of that canyon’s whiplash rapids.  It was created from the field jacket from this Triceratops occipital condyle.  This is the back of the skull where it articulates with the first vertebra.  The round part of the mosaic, bottom right, is the actual joint of the neck.  According to the Casper College Tate Geological Museum, this particular bone was “pretty beat up” and required a great deal of prep work before being displayed for the public.  It was found in the Cretaceous Formation near present-day Lance Creek, WY in Niobrara County.  This formation is known for the chalk and green sand deposits 140 to 65 million years ago when the world looked much different than today.  My past descents into the Grand Canyon are a constant reminder of slow, yet punctuated, geological and evolutionary change.

    Special thanks to: J-P Cavigelli, Tate Geological Museum, Casper College; Wikipedia

Grand Canyon Reflections is a tribute to my 3 river whitewater river trips down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

I created this sculpture out of my broken pottery early one fall while dreaming of high water. Rafting and kayaking are some of my favorite passtimes (hence the name of my art studio, Whitewater Ceramics).  One of my life goals is to go boating every month of the year. I think I'll have to travel to the southern hemispere again to add the few winter months I'm missing. 

I've never actually seen the Grand Canyon from the top, maybe someday...
I like the fact that I've been to the bottom 3 times, and not the top.
Granted, I won't turn down the opportunity when it arrives, and I'll have to update this page when I do.

mosaic tile
figurative and mixed
media sculpture
pit firing dinosaur

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