Figurative and Mixed Media Sculpture

Unique handcrafted sculpture designed and handmade in her studio by ceramic artist Jodie Atherton. My figurative sculptures often evoke water imagery, as I like the flow and feeling I get from being in or near water. My sculptures are sometimes pit fired. They may also have multiple layers of glaze or be cold finished with acrylics and other types paint. Some of the materials in my artwork are scavenged from old dumps or trash middens on the prairie around Wyoming. This process helps fulfill my need to save everything I possibly can from the dump, including rummaging through old ones. I also like the idea that my creations have inspired friends to start cleaning up the prairie, beach or wherever they are, by bringing me small bits of broken pottery, glass and rusty objects to use in the creation of my figurative sculptures. I have even inspired my husband to start creating artwork a bit here and there. He's finally figured out why I salvage what I do, it's essential to my being to create what words cannot express.

A Journey to Myself
12 x 5 x  4"
Time Flies
12 x 9 x 3"
A Journey to Myself is hand built and cold finished with acrylic paint and low fire lusters. It represents another level of coming into my own and accepting myself for who and what I have become over the years. A ceramic sculptress who loves water and tries to reflect some of these feelings in this hand carved sculpture.

Time Flies is about so many things, objects going out of fashion and creating a new life for them in my sculptures, the busyness of everyday life and the desire to slow down and really enjoy life. I have many hobbies in life and I'm never bored. I just wish there was more time to explore and cherish each day and moment as it comes.


4.5 x 6 x 7.5"

Butterfly Dreams

3.25 x 5.5 x 9"

Grace is a very sweet person in my life. One might even say she gave me a new lease on life. As a child, she reminded me to laugh, and just how fun, necessary and rejuvenating it is for one's well being. As a child, I loved coloring and some of the crayons in this sculpture are mine from when I was Graces age. This is one of my altered "books" and to see more "books", check out Furca Book Gallery, at

Butterfly Dreams is a reminiscent of my need to coccoon up and hide from the world every so often as to rejuvinate so I can keep on going, doing things that inspire my creativity. Hiking on the prarie, finding pieces of sage brush that look like hands, finding a butterfly while walking on a beach, an old china doll leg, an old marble and wooden ball to remind me keep playing in my studio and in life, trying new things, seeing each day in a new light.

This Old House
15 x 15 x 14"

Mermaid Dreams
11 x 9 x 3"

This Old House has been muttered around my house more than once the past few years of re-modeling my childhood home. The house as her head is of similar shape to our actual house and the old, ceramic insulators and copper wire actually came out of the walls I am surrounded my now.

Mermaid Dreams is one of my many water inspired creations. She also reminds me of my paper dolls I had as a child. Her dress is wired on with copper wired and is made from coral from Tulum, Mexico I collected while enjoying a reprive from a Wyoming winter. Her arms and some of her dress are made from fossilized Gar scales I collected while fossil hunting in Niobrara county Wyoming. Gar scales are common fossils found in Cretaceous to Eocene rocks in the Lance Formation which dates to about 65 milion years ago. Gar is a fish still found alive and well in Florida, and are found all the way up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to Ft. Peck, Montana.
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